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Phong Nha Abandoned valley one day trekking

Phong Nha abandoned Abandoned valley one day trekking

Activities: 12km of Jungle Trekking, Explore Dark cave, Jungle BBQ, Swim in hang E cave

Adventure level: Medium high – fitness for the challenging terrain of the 12km hike.

Details Phong Nha abandoned Abandoned valley one day trekking

07:30 – Pick up at the hotel and transfer to our base
08:00 – Team meeting to plan the trip, clarify rules and regulations in the National Park.
8:30 – Depart for abandoned valley by motorbike or car (dependant on weather and group size)
9:00 – Arrive at the trek departure point and start trekking through the jungle to the abandoned valley
11:00 – Arrive at the Dark cave exit
11:00 – 12:30 Explore 500m inside Dark cave
12:30 – Start trekking along the river to hang E cave
13:30 – Arrive at the entrance of hang E cave, BBQ lunch, swim in the crystal clear spring from hang E, and explore hang E river cave
15:30 – Start trekking on a different trail in the abandoned valley to Ho Chi Minh road
17:30 – Arrive at the Ho Chi Minh road, enjoy cold drinks on the road
17:45 – Drive back to Phong Nha village and to your hotel
18:15 – Arrive at your hotel in Phong Nha area. Tour ends

Best of Phong Nha tour 2 days

Best of Phong Nha tour 2 days

Best of Phong Nha tour 2 days 1 night. On this tour you will explore the beautiful National Park for two days with a one night home stay in Rao Con village, home of the Bru Van Kieu minority. This trip is a wonderful opportunity to touch base with nature, enjoy the mountain landscape and views, feel revived and mingle with the humorous village residents. Also the second day you have chance explore Paradise cave – the longest cave in Asia and Dark cave is amazing and the true experience, kayaking over the river to get there, walking through the dark with only the head touch on your mining helmet, having a mud fight in the mud baths deep in the cave and then washing clean with a swim in the lake inside the cave. Are you ready for this unforgettable journey?

High lights:

  • Trekking in Phong Nha National Park – The World Nature Heritage site
  • Explore a wonderful destination which has rich activities such as trekking, photography, BBQ lunch, etc.
  • Trek to interesting ethnic minority villages, enjoy the peaceful sightseeing and meet lovely children.
  • One night home stay in Rao Con village, home of the Bru Van Kieu Ethnic minority
  • Explore Paradise cave – the longest cave in Asia
  • Explore Dark cave, Zipline, kayaking over the river, mud baths deep in the cave and swim in the lake inside the cave

Phong Nha National Park Trekking & Ethnic village

Phong Nha National Park Trekking & Ethnic village

Motorbike with driver will takes you from Phong Nha to the animal rescue center where the national park management tries to rescue wild animals and set them free to the wild life afterward. From this point tourist will trek up to Len Hai mount (about 400m above sea level), you will have a great view to Bong Lai valley from the top of the mountain, after the hill you will be reaching Rao Con River where you can enjoy swimming yourself at the small waterfall with clean water.

You will have chance to visit a small untouched Bru Van Kieu minority group located not very far from Phong Nha town, visit the village, chat with local people and have lunch in one of the minority people’s house. After lunch you will trek down to Bong Lai river and the forestry, you will cross the river sometimes. The van will be waiting at the Pub With Cold Beer in Bong Lai Village where you can enjoy cold drinks before coming back to Phong Nha town.

The Bru-Van Kieu live mainly on rice cultivation of burnt over land and in submerged fields. Hunting, gathering and fishing supplement an important source of food. They rear cattle and poultry firstly for religious sacrifices, then for their meals. Basketry and palm mat-making are their sideline occupations.

The Bru-Van Kieu live in small houses on stilts, which are appropriate to a family including the father, the mother and unmarried children. In a village near the rivers or streams, the houses are always arranged along the current. In flat and extended terrain, the houses are arranged in more or less regular circles around a communal house.

The village chief plays an important role and enjoys high prestige of the villagers. Many Bru-Van Kieu family lineages preserve tales retracing the origin of their ancestors and retain certain taboos.

This tour is combined national park trekking and ethnic village in deep of the National park, great experience Phong Nha trekking tour